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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Contract Embroidery Work For Small Print Shops

For several years embroidery has been growing in popularity among businesses and organizations in need of custom apparel for promotional purposes; and for good reason.

For restaurants, stores or events, embroidered t-shirts or polo shirts help set employees out from the crowd. Embroidered tops boost the image of sports teams and make a good first impression with those who see it. For educational institutions and non-profit organizations, embroidered apparel has a greater chance of catching the eye of the public or consumers; and being more durable, a brand or cause can be promoted by embroidered apparel for a long time without fear that the design will fade.

But while printing and embroidery usually go hand in hand, professional embroidery equipment for large-scale production is expensive and bulky, and the process can be time consuming. Yet, if you own or run a small printing shop, you don't want to turn down profits on embroidery work.

That's why Graphic Perspective is pleased to offer contract embroidery work to small print shops. Using state-of-the art software and a multi-head 15-color automatic embroidery machine, our embroidery process is fully automated allowing us the ability to produce high quality products for big orders at a low cost.

For more information, or to get a free quote on your next big order, call Graphic Perspective at (401) 295-1560 or visit us online at

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